Bike Brief Annual Scholarship $1000

Bike Brief Annual Scholarship

How to apply for the Bike Brief Annual Scholarship

Who doesn’t want to be healthy and fit? Everyone does actually, but people find it difficult to find ways to keep them vigorous. In this fast-paced world no one usually has time to exercise on a daily basis to keep him/her going strong. That’s where exercise bikes come handy. Exercise bikes are great tools for body exercise whether you are going to a gym or not. Even at home you are ready to go for a short ride on exercise bike to continue developing your physical and mental health.

That’s why; Bike Brief exists and works for providing people with valuable and useful information by thoroughly reviewing about the best quality exercise bikes and providing user-friendly guidelines about choosing the suitable exercise bike. We are proud to help people get their desired exercise bike at a reasonable price.

Here you can find a good example of our reviews-

At Bike Brief, we strive to encourage people to lead a healthy lifestyle and to help recognize the value of health and fitness. And, we believe that the youth is the maker of the future and will be the flag bearer of a healthy living planet. So, to help young people chase their dream and help them pursue their education, with pride we offer an annual scholarship of $1000 to high school, undergraduate or postgraduate students to assist them in bearing educational expenses.

Eligibility Criteria

Students who are currently studying in a high school, college or university and who recognize health and fitness as important as having education are eligible for this scholarship. If you find yourself eligible and believe in what we do then you are highly encouraged to submit your application.

How to participate

To ensure your participation in this scholarship, you need to write an essay between 500 – 1,000 words focusing on the topic- “Importance of Health and Fitness”. The content of the essay should be unique, informative and captivating.

If you believe that you have the potential to write an excellent essay on the above mentioned topic to prove your worth of winning the scholarship then you are most welcomed to submit your application through our website.

Please note that, the winning essay will be featured on our website and newsletter to provide you a platform to showcase your writing skill.

Application submission

Follow the application submission procedures firstly by writing an original piece of good quality essay on the mentioned topic and finally by submitting your essay providing all the necessary details listed below in a word.doc file as an attachment to

Your should mention the following information in your email-

  • Personal information (First & Last Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Mailing Address).
  • Educational institution’s name where you study.
  • Major subject of study.
  • Student identity proof (ID or document).

Application deadline, selection and winner announcement

You need to submit your application before 31st January 2018 and we will announce the winner’s name on 1st February 2018.

We believe in integrity and fairness in selection of the winner of the scholarship. To ensure fairness in the selection procedure we will form an independent panel to judge applications and to evaluate essays; so that the most deserving candidate wins.

The lucky winner’s name will be published on our website and an email will be sent to the winner notifying about winning the scholarship and our staff will also contact the winner. The winner will receive the scholarship amount though any one of these methods: Direct Bank Transfer, Cheque, Paypal or Payoneer within few days.

We are fortunate and pleased to offer this scholarship to students in need of financial support and we hope to continue doing so in the coming years.

Submit your application and grab this wonderful opportunity.

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